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The BitQT platform is a type of automated trading system for trading cryptocurrencies. The trading system offered by the trading platform BitQT can be considered as a new generation of robotic solutions that allow you to achieve significant profits by trading the volatility of bitcoin and altcoins.

What is BitQT?

BitQT - what is it

Thanks to the full automation of the transaction process (the robot independently opens and closes the transaction sessions for the user), the application is suitable for people who are just gaining experience in trading cryptocurrencies. In addition, BitQT collects a number of information that allows you to make strategically appropriate trading decisions, checks the performance of other currencies, analyzes data from multiple markets in a time not exceeding a few seconds, which allows you to determine when the best moment to make a particular trading decision occurs.

Thanks to the algorithms used, the BitQT system guarantees more than 99% accuracy of its forecasts, which means that 99% of transactions carried out by users of the platform end with the profit achieved. The effectiveness of the system is also determined by its speed-BitQT is ahead of the general markets by 0.03 s, so it predicts the future behavior of cryptocurrencies, which protects users from the consequences of sudden market movements. In addition, the platform has a training version of the software. New users have a chance to get acquainted with the features and options offered by the BitQT platform in the demo version, and then move smoothly to real transactions that bring real profits.

So what is BitQT? A free, automated cryptocurrency trading platform that allows you to save time and effort, giving an almost 100% guarantee of making profits for beginners and more advanced traders.

BitQT is recommended by 78% of users *

* Based on BitQT review and opinions found on the Internet.

BitQT review – what users said?

On the web, you can find many positive opinions about the use of BitQT software, its reliability, reliability or the possibility of making a profit. Users appreciate the platform for the ability to check all its functionality by taking risks in real time, which is possible thanks to the demo option.

BitQT review

There is also an opinion that the profits achieved through automated transactions by BitQT would not be possible to achieve in such a short time without the use of the program. BitQT is a platform available on the market for several years, which gives confidence in its stability. Users praise the possibility of easy contact with the service, which is a great support especially for novice traders. There is also no reason to worry about the legality of using the software. These BitQT reviews are real.

Although the network can be found questions of people who would like to trade in cryptocurrency, but are concerned about the legality of this type of activity, it should be remembered that the global law does not contain any regulations restricting the possibility of trading bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The use of platforms and programs such as BitQT is completely legal. This is also confirmed by the inclusion of bitcoin in the united classification of goods and services; cryptocurrency trading also has its own PKD number. Check only trusted BitQT reviews.


Recommended by 78% of users

How to start using Bitqt?

BitQT is a browser-based software that can be accessed from any device with internet access. To start trading cryptocurrencies, it is necessary to register an account on the BitQT platform. To do this, fill in the form available on the website (click on REGISTER NOW button above). It is not necessary to prepare any documents, and filling out the form does not require a large amount of data, the most basic ones, such as name, email address or phone number, will suffice. 

The account we created needs to be activated. An activation link will be sent to the specified email address, clicking on which will confirm the registration. In addition, registration will be confirmed in an SMS message sent to the phone number specified in the application form.

The next stage of account activation, allowing access to all the functionality of the trading platform is the deposit. After the correct deposit, which is the final form of confirmation of the user’s identity, you can use the training options on the demonstration platform. The demo version allows you to practice using the functions of the trading robot on historical data, so that the transition to the next stage, which is the actual trading in real time, should go smoothly.

Advantages of BitQT platform

BitQT has many advantages, which translate directly into the ability to make a profit for the user:

  • account verification on the platform is simple, fast, and thanks to advanced encryption of input data, completely secure;
  • Transaction management has been completely automated, so that the user does not have to spend more than 20 minutes a day on the platform;
  • The platform is free, the same applies to the possibility of using round-the-clock technical support, especially useful for people with little experience in trading cryptocurrencies;
  • The ability to use the platform on all devices with internet access;
  • The ability to predict future movements of cryptocurrency, thanks to the advance of 0.03 s global markets;
  • Perform automated real-time market analysis;
  • Confirmed efficacy up to 99%%;
  • The ability to get acquainted with the functionality of the platform using the demo version.

All the advantages of the software, mentioned in many opinions about BitQT or in BitQT reviews. It  confirm that it can be the best solution for people who want to try investing in cryptocurrencies, because even for people without experience and having little knowledge of bitcoin or the global market, it gives the opportunity to make a profit.

How much can I earn by using BitQT?

room with moneyAs with almost all investments, the amount of profit depends directly on the amount invested and on the accuracy of the trading decisions made. In the case of the BitQT platform, the minimum initial investment is the value of the deposit, that is, $ 250-this amount is required to open exchange accounts for a registered user. According to the information on the BitQT website, with a minimum investment of $250, after 30 days of using the platform, you can expect a profit of approx. 1270 dollars, representing approx. 500% of the initial contribution. 

However, it must be remembered that the final profit also depends on what part of the money we decide to pay out, and what we will continue to invest. Of course, it is also possible to make further investment deposits.

The payout system is very simple. Profits can be paid out at any time, but there are no limits on the amount of daily or monthly withdrawals, or minimum or maximum amounts. To make a withdrawal, you only need to submit an application on the platform; the full withdrawal process usually takes no more than 24 hours. 

However, it is worth making sure that the bank where we have an account does not need more time to process incoming foreign transfers. In this case, the time of payment will depend on the regulation of the user’s bank.

How much should I pay optimally?

How much deposit will be optimal depends on the investment opportunities of the user, how confident he feels in the market and how much he can actually invest. It is known that the minimum deposit is a deposit of $250. Currently there is a special promotional offer-by making a $250 deposit, we get an additional $250 for transactions.

It should be remembered that the situation in the cryptocurrency market is not stable, and the robot is not any magical device for the production of money. We earn money thanks to the fact that the platform is able in real time, instantly, to conduct accurate analysis of the market situation and predict the next movements of cryptocurrencies, so that it buys them for the investor at a time when they are cheap and sells when they are more expensive. However, the possibility of incurring a certain loss always exists, so decisions regarding the amount of invested funds must be thought through. Thanks to a transparent deposit system and the possibility of using credit cards or PayPal, additional investments can be made almost instantly, without any additional verification procedures.

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Is BitQT a scam?

The opinions of many satisfied users testify that BitQT is a fully reliable tool that allows you to achieve real profits with a small amount of your own work. A deposit of $ 250 is less than the amount required by competing services, but the profits achieved by users, thanks to the high speed and reliability of the software, are much higher. Advanced encryption makes the BitQT data entered by users completely secure. In addition, the fact that the operation of the service is fully transparent convinces the ability to make instant withdrawals, with unlimited frequency and of any amount.


In summary – BitQT is a software that automates cryptocurrency trading, which, thanks to its reliability, allows you to generate high profits for users. The high level of security of the user account and all transactions carried out, the availability of technical support 24 hours a day, the ease of making withdrawals or the ability to access a demo account make this a platform worthy of recommendation for people who already have experience in trading bitcoin, as well as just starting to invest in the cryptocurrency market. From what show BitQT reviews the program is worthy of attention and deeper reflection in the investment.

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