Bitcoin Rush review – scam or not? How to register?

Bitcoin Rush

Many people have already started using this software due to its great benefits and rapid development. All you have to do is first know how the system works, and soon you will start trading in it.In the following article, we have prepared for you the most important issues related to the Bitcoin Rush review, what that is, opinions, how the registration process is going on or logging in. Below is the list.

What is Bitcoin Rush?

what is Bitcoin Rush

It is a trading platform built to facilitate and accelerate trading activities.
Bitcoin Rush review conducted by almost every researcher or analyst says that the claim is justified, and the cryptographic robot works well. Bitcoin Rush computer algorithms analyze trends in the cryptocurrency market and all data.

Bitcoin Rush performs two types of analysis:

  1. Fundamental analysis-includes the analysis of qualitative data such as press reports.
  2. Technical analysis-includes graph analysis.

Bitcoin Rush trading algorithms analyze all bitcoin-related data on the internet and make live trading decisions accordingly. Decision-making and execution is carried out by the trading platform itself. All you have to do is open and close your trading session. Traders need to do these things well.

How does Bitcoin Rush work? 

Bitcoin Rush workingFirst you need to make a minimum deposit of $250 and start a live trading session (after registration). It is always recommended to start with a small amount and increase rates when you have an idea of the market.

However, we should not forget about the risks associated with trading in the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin Rush states that investors with a minimum deposit of $800 can earn up to $500 a day!

Investors with more risk-taking and experience can Deposit up to $1,000 and earn $1,500 per day. However, in the case of live trading, it is recommended to start trading with small amounts, for peace of mind, confidence and experience. It should be noted that Bitcoin Rush is a fully automated trading software.

Automated trading robots or trading systems are very helpful when the cryptocurrency market is at its most uncertain and volatility is high.

This is the moment!

Bitcon Rush how to start? Registration and login

Let’s take a look at Bitcoin Rush now, analyzing how investors can open a new account and start trading.

Bitcoin Rush

Recommended by 83% of users

  • Account creation: – the process of opening a new Bitcoin Rush account is similar to any other automated trading platform.
    Aspiring traders must visit the official website and provide all required information such as name, email address and telephone number. The robot does not ask for unwanted, unrelated, additional information. So you can be sure there! Because most trading fraud robots tend to ask for more than necessary. In addition, Bitcoin Rush is secured with an SSL certificate, which means that your data and money are safe here.
  • Deposit: – upon completion of the registration process, the investor must make a minimum deposit to the account. An initial deposit of $ 250 is required to enable you to start trading. The platform accepts many payment methods such as Maestro / Visa / Mastercard, Skrill, wire transfer / bank transfer, bitcoin payment, credit card etc. There are no fees for this process.
  • Withdrawals: with Bitcoin Rush are equally seamless and traders can request them at any time. Again, the process will require at least 24 hours to be reflected in your account. The platform does not store any of your data or billing information.
  • Demo trading: – another unique feature of the robot is trading in demo mode. After depositing the initial amount, and before the actual trading activity begins, investors can try to trade in demo mode. This feature must be used by everyone (new investors or professional investors), because the demo will inform you about trading and the platform. You will understand how to use Bitcoin Rush to facilitate the live trading session and achieve better profits.

Although Bitcoin Rush is an automated trading platform, trading in demo mode will give you an assessment of the opening and closing of trading sessions. When you feel comfortable, you can continue and start the live trading session.

live trading with Bitcoin Rush

  • Live trading: – because it is an automated trading bot, all investors must open and close trades and withdraw profits as needed. You won’t need more than 15-20 minutes to monitor your daily trading activity and trends (with the help of a bot).
    It is suggested to open the trade at the beginning of the day and close it by the end of the day.
    Although the trading process on automated trading platforms such as Bitcoin Rush is automated (saving your effort and burden), during a volatile market, observing the trend, being up to date and updating the trading process accordingly will add a lot to your profit.
  • You should also set a Stop loss limit for each of your trades.
  • In addition, if you have made a profit, withdraw it as soon as possible.
  • Never, ever invest every penny of your profit, make the most of it in liquid form.

Is Bitcoin Rush a scam?

Almost every review of Bitcoin Rush on the internet confirms that it is a legitimate platform for trading cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Rush reviews are very good, but one by one. Since its launch in 2013, it has been serving traders quite well thanks to its intuitive automated trading process.
Investors trust the demo mode and live trading mode.

Google reviews and Bitcoin Rush reviews available on the internet say that the trading software is easy to use, operate and helps in making profits.

All this makes Bitcoin Rush legal, as evidenced by reviews about Bitcoin Rush.

Bitcoin Rush is recommended by 83% of users *

* Based on Bitcoin Rush review and opinions found on the Internet.

The administration also claims that it operates consistently with a win rate of 89%.

Traders claim that thanks to Bitcoin Rush can make a profit in almost any market conditions, unlike other similar trading systems. However, the percentage / amount of profit may vary depending on the expertise, trading order and volatility. In terms of fees and commissions, it does not charge for using the automated trading system.

Bitcoin Rush is worth it?

To answer this question, let’s summarize the information gathered so far:

  • Payouts: – the Bitcoin Rush platform has come up with an amazing payout system. Customers are charged a small commission on profits. If the system does not earn, the users of the platform do not earn. And vis-à-vis. It is very confident, reliable and reliable.
  • Verification system: – the platform verification system is robust and intact. Ensures that all profiles using the platform are correct and true. This is also important for Bitcoin Rush, as it protects the platform from unwanted hacking attempts, generally enhancing its market reputation.
  • Costs / fees: – there are no hidden fees that traders have to face when trading. All you have to do is pay a minimum amount of commission on the posting platform for each deposit made for trading and profit.

Bitcoin Rush review

If you check the official website, you will see reviews of many people who are real users of Bitcoin Rush. These people have left positive reviews and opinions about the trading platform.

Bitcoin Rush review by users

One of the review talks about how it helps an entrepreneur to retire early and fulfill all his dreams. Another review tells how the trading platform helped earn over $1200 a day and no longer worries about the bank balance. In general, the picture looks promising from the point of view of customers.

Customer service

Bitcoin Rush takes care of traders using the platform in every possible way. A robust customer service system is one way to achieve this. The trading platform supports accounts from different time zones, the customer service team remains active 24 hours a day.

Customer support is available via email, chat or phone calls. The idea of providing external assistance is amazing and increases the credibility of the platform. Bitcoin Rush reviews has on customer service downright exemplary!

Unique offer
Bitcoin Rush

Possible to get $250 bonus

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After registration, your account manager will contact with you.
He will lead you by the hand into the world of cryptocurrency.

How much can you earn?

woman with dollarThere are several references on the internet and on the official Bitcoin Rush website, where users claim to earn up to $1,500 every day. The more deposit, the greater the profits. We decided to check it out by depositing $800. With a weak bitcoin exchange rate, we managed to increase the amount to 1070 dollars. We can recommend you the platform!

Pros and cons

It’s time to understand the positive and negative side of platform.


  • The platform delivers profits with high precision. He claims that investors earn an average of $ 1,500 per day on the platform.
  • The design is user-friendly, which means that traders do not have to go through gehenne to perform any operation.
  • The design is easy to use, interactive and fluid.
  • A friendly haven for investors or professionals, this platform treats everyone well!
  • Demo trading function allows you to take your time with trading on the platform. You can go through the demo version and then go to the live trading session.
  • This is the best trading feature for a new bitcoin investor.
  • Many payment options such as credit card, debit card, bank transfer, crypto wallet, Skrill etc.
  • Bitcoin Rush review has very good among users.


  • Accounts can be ready to use only after an initial deposit of $250. This is quite a large amount for the average entrepreneur. Therefore, it is recommended not to rush with transactions, if you are a new investor bitcoin.
  • Brokers earn commissions on the profits you make.
  • After the payment of $800, instead of the promised 1500, we received only 1470.

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